Tsunami Scale Tech Spinning Rod

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Tsunami Scale Tech Spinning Rod feature IM-7 graphite fiber MD-7 technology construction. This consists of multidirectional carbon fibers combined with cross sectional carbon fiber scrim material to deliver reinforced flexural strength and increased hoop strength under all loading. The reinforced tip armors against failure due to high sticking. This saltwater fishing rod has stainless steel frame seaguide guides connected to braid-proof ceramic rings. The proprietary Tsunami Scaletech pattern blanks boat genuine Fuji reel seats and tough attractive burl cork grips.
  • Seaguide stainless steel guides
  • Extra strong carbon reinforced tip
  • Custom double anodized aluminum reel seat
  • Premium burl cork grip
  • Tsunami's proprietary scaletech pattern
Tsunami Scale Tech Spinning Rod
Model Length Action Line Lure Wt.
TSSTEC701ML 7' Medium Light 6-15lb
1/16 - 5/8oz
TSSTEC701M 7' Medium 10-20lb
1/8 - 3/4oz
TSSTEC701MH 7' Medium Heavy 10-30lb 1/4 - 1oz
TSSTEC761M 7' 6" Medium 10-20lb 1/8 - 3/4oz
TSSTEC761MH 7' 6" Medium Heavy 10-30lb 1/4 - 1oz

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