Tsunami Sapphire XT Surf Rod

Tsunami Sapphire XT Surf Rod

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 Tsunami Sapphire XT Surf Rods feature light weight durable solid tip blanks constructed from a proprietary blend or graphite for sensitivity and fiberglass toughness. Sapphire XT rods are up to 30% lighter than ordinary solid tip rods and result in far less angler fatigue. Sapphire XT actions are designed for the best in fish fighting power an versatility for use with a wide variety of techniques. These saltwater fishing rods boast graphite and stainless steel frame Aluminum Oxide ring guides, epoxy coated double thread wraps and textured shrink vinyl grips. 

  • 30% lighter than standard tip rods
  • Graphite and stainless steel frame Aluminum Oxide ring guides
  • 2 Piece construction
  • textured shrink vinyl grip
  • Stainless Steel reel seats


SASSXT-802MH 799967376715  8' 10-25lb 3/4 - 3 OZ
SASSXT-902MH 799967376722  9'
12-25lb 1 - 4 OZ
SASSXT-1002MH 799967376739 10'
15-30lb 3 - 6 OZ
SASSXT-1102H 799967376746 11'
17-40lb 2 - 8 OZ

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